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Automatic License Plate Recognition Using Computer Vision

License plate recognition technology has made great progress due to its development and application in intelligent transportation systems. License plate recognition (LPR) is an effective process of recognizing characters on number plates. An LPR system for vehicles can be used anywhere as an automatic surveillance system for identification of vehicles in real-time.

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Structured vs. Unstructured Data: What’s the Difference?

Businesses run on data. Data is so integrated into our daily lives that, most of the time, we don’t even realize just how often we use it to perform basic tasks and make decisions. Some of the ways we use data on a regular basis include:

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The San Francisco AI Summit took place on Sept 25th and Sept 26th, 2019. It is the world’s largest event focusing on AI for businesses, and boasts over 6,000 people and 200 speakers in attendance.

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