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How AI Can Help News Websites Optimize Customer Experience

How AI can help News Websites optimize Customer Experience-min

News websites are constantly fire fighting on all fronts to deliver quality content to their user base and to keep ahead of competition. It is 2020 and AI has proven to be a game changer in many business verticals. Here are some futuristic ways AI can help in optimize their online customer experience and increase their revenues.

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Content recommendation engines

Most news websites use a filter based recommendation engine. This means that they are using a manual filter to populate article recommendations to their users. For example, trending articles, similar articles, or other category based filters. Since most news websites' revenues depends on the amount of time readers spend time on their website, the recommended articles have to be highly relevant and personalized for every single user. Using machine learning algorithms like collaborative filtering and content based filtering, this can be achieved.

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Search and content recommendations are the two most important content discovery channels on any news websites . Having an intelligent search engine that handles natural language queries, re rank search queries based on user behavior learning are important for helping users find the right content they are looking for.


News websites pay money to bring in more traffic to websites such as Google, bing, tabool, outbrain, etc. AI can help in optimizing the money spent and targeting the right customer segments to show ad copies that convert.

Email Marketing

Most news websites have a huge subscriber base. Machine learning can help in choosing the right content to be sent to each single email id based on the interaction and open rates for every email campaign thus helping marketers optimize their email marketing channels.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are another type of content recommendation engines that work on browsers. If the quality of your push notifications are not right, news websites risk losing their customer base. AI can help in choosing the content and the right time frequency that has to pushed to users for the best conversion rates.

Writing Automated content

Even though automated content writing is in its nascent stages, efforts are being put into creating bots that can write content on their own given a keyword. This could end up saving a lot of money and give a upper-hand to news websites that adopt such AI applications.

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