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Computer Vision in Inventory Management- Top 5 Applications

Computer vision in inventory management- Top 5 Applications

Here are top 5 applications of computer vision in inventory management.

  1. Stock taking- Computer vision systems can help in stock counting. Automated computer vision systems can keep an eye on current inventory level in warehouses and send an email alert to the inventory management replenishment department when stock goes below a certain level. An automated purchase order can also be placed for replenishing stock depending on the accuracy of the computer vision system.
  2. Reducing human counting errors- Computer vision systems can prevent human counting errors with accurate bar-code scanning.
  3. Detecting damaged goods- In some cases, computer vision technologies could be better at detecting defective inventory that are too small to be noticed by the human eye.
  4. Stock picking and locating- Computer vision can aid humans in quickly finding the location of a physical stock item. Traditional methods would require human memory in remembering the location of inventory.
  5. Replacing traditional scanners- Computer vision systems are intelligent and can adapt to new unknown scenarios. This makes them a good replacement for traditional scanners. They can also be much faster.

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