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No-Code AI Platforms: The Next Big Thing in AI Strategy

no code platform for machine learning

Did you know that your organization can develop world-class predictive modeling capabilities with automated machine learning that gets the job done without writing a single line of code? You read that right. No-code AI platforms are now here to make complex tasks a whole lot easier and streamline business processes.

Artificial intelligence is quickly taking on strategic importance in businesses. Applications combining AI workflow can help improve internal operations and reduce costs. However, building these applications with traditional methods is costly and technically complicated.

Problems with traditional methods include complexities of managing data and gaps between business owners and the technical team. But there is something that can help solve this: no code AI. As the name suggests, this method of non-technical machine learning is designed for people who have no idea how to code AI. These platforms make it possible to create applications without using advanced coding, resulting in a development process that is quicker and more effective.

This article aims to help businesses and IT professionals better understand what no-code platforms for machine learning offers, and how to code AI. Here’s all you need to know:

What are no-code AI platforms?

One of the main advantages of growing the AI and machine learning sector is that these digital tools are available to large and small businesses alike. As the industry moves toward no code AI, teachable models, and deep learning, it is clear that AI is the future and there is a major requirement for no-code platforms for machine learning.

Software development has changed over time. For the last few years, no code development platforms have been on the rise. In the past, this functionality was limited to business applications such as Microsoft Excel, the concept then came into application development, and now it has progressed to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

There is a high demand for developers because companies lack the technical talent required to build applications. Such companies that are unable to hire developers, or those that want to free up more of their developers’ time, are increasingly turning to no-code platforms for machine learning. These platforms enable companies and business professionals with minimal or no coding experience to build applications and fill the talent gaps in their organization.


Are AI and machine learning possible without coding?

New machine learning tools are now making it possible to develop applications without prior knowledge of programming languages. These no code platforms enable the development of business application software with the help of a graphical user interface instead of traditional programming. All the components—front-end code, back-end code, and configuration files—are generated automatically based on standard best practices.

The time it takes to create software is reduced drastically with the help of these platforms, so the apps can be delivered quickly. Being visual in nature, these platforms allow programmers to work closer to the outcome. Also, a larger number of people in the organization, known as 'citizen developers', can contribute to app development. 

No-code AI platforms for machine learning allow users with no AI coding skills to optimize day-to-day operations, allowing developers to rely on technical purity and solve business issues. No code tools can also be used by full-time developers. The adoption rate for these tools is growing rapidly among companies that are building software.

No code platforms offer advantages, including increased productivity, efficiency, learning opportunities for employees, and cost-savings. This allows businesses to develop customized apps according to their own expectations. If coding repairs are needed, they can be updated later by an IT team without the changes appearing in the app’s functionality.

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How to choose the right no code AI platform?

Many companies are wondering whether or not they should implement a no code machine learning platform and, if so, how to start. Here are a few things to keep in mind to benefit from the trend:

Who will use the platform?

Even though no-code platforms simplify engineering complexities, it doesn’t mean anyone is cut out to be an advanced machine learning expert. No-code platforms reduce the need for technical expertise, but other skills such as project management are still required. Consider the following questions: 

  1. Which segment is the platform required for?
  2. What is the role of the platform in company architecture? 
  3. Is using a no code platform a strategic solution that will help drive the organization’s purpose?

Does the platform fit your project needs?

The workflow and business process applications offered by each tool are different and serve different purposes. Be sure that the no code platform your company selects fits project needs. 

Do you have an enhancement road map?

With or without AI coding, building and maintaining software is not easy. Creating a strategy that includes a portfolio management system is the best way to handle this problem. Keeping track of the apps that are built on the platform is one way of managing the portfolio.

Even with certain limitations, these platforms are a sign that simplified AI for non-developers is becoming a reality. With a little planning, you can prepare your citizen developers to find solutions and create apps that meet both yours and your end users’ needs. More and more companies are creating such platforms that harness the power of AI to eliminate the need for developers having in-depth knowledge of AI coding. is one such platform that offers an easy-to-use, scalable, no code platform for machine learning. They help build and deploy machine learning models, created specifically for your business requirements.

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