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Over the past two years, the team has been working diligently to empower companies with the power of AI. In light of the uncertainty posed by COVID-19 in the business environment, it has become ever critical to embrace AI to remain competitive. We at remain steadfast in our journey to make AI accessible to everyone in these uncertain times and continue to be recognized for our work in AI automation.

We are thrilled to announce that has been named one of the leading No-Code AI platforms by CB Insights! CB Insights report “Enterprise AI Trends to watch in 2021” provides comprehensive data and expert insights on companies that are pioneering No-Code AI tools to solve real-world problems. We are honored to be included in this prestigious list of the world’s leading AI companies.

AI is the most sought out technology of recent times. Almost every company is rapidly attempting to become an AI company and adopt it into their business practices to propagate an industrial revolution. Industries ranging from e-commerce, healthcare, the banking sector, real estate, and many others are leveraging AI to adapt to automate business processes, increase operational efficiency, reduce work-time, and decrease costs.

Companies must accelerate their adoption of AI and machine learning (ML) to reap its early benefits, but it can be a cumbersome task. Building and deploying ML models from scratch may be resource and time-intensive for companies that are exploring quick go-to-market AI strategies. Existing models in production also need to be continually monitored and updated so that companies can rely on them to achieve the desired business outcomes at all times.

No-Code AI tools and platforms such as are revolutionizing how users without coding expertise can quickly build ML models to solve their real-world problems. Machine Learning Workflow

At, we are obsessed with helping our customers overcome the challenges that hinder their successful adoption of AI. From automatically moderating real estate listings, detecting personal protective equipment on working personnel, and detecting damages in vehicles,

personal-protective-equipment-detectionAutomated PPE detection using Computer Vision

to automated document analysis, and categorization of e-commerce catalogs, our customers can build and deploy custom, unbiased ML models in the realms of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing using just their own text and image data points!

ecommerce-named-entity-recognitionNamed Entity Recognition for E-commerce product descriptions using Natural Language Processing

Our enterprise AI platform automates every aspect of ML model creation — from data labeling to feature engineering, model training, deployment, and monitoring. This technology, along with our top data scientists with years of practical experience, combine to solve complex, real-world problems. We believe that AI is not limited to solving problems in the world of business alone. Our vision is to empower every organization to build a smarter world with artificial intelligence, to tackle the most ambitious challenges businesses and researchers face today. From cutting-edge early disease detection to predicting natural disasters; we are fundamentally bettering our world through AI.

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