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Top 4 Natural Language Processing Applications for Businesses

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has become more than an emerging technology. It has multiple applications in businesses today and is being widely used in various industries. NLP tools understand the meaning and context of phrases and provides automated support. They can be incorporated in any feature involving language, including online search, extract meaning, generate text, summarize a long document, or detect spam email.

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How NLP Works? A Simple to Understand Guide

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP), how does it work, and how can businesses use NLP? Natural Language Processing (also known as NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence which aims at teaching computers to understand human language.

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Machine Learning Implementation Software for Solving Business Problems

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are every forward-thinking entrepreneur’s favorite buzzwords. However, it seems that the world’s largest tech companies are the only ones effectively implementing AI and ML (at least to a financially beneficial scale). The exclusivity of machine learning projects contradicts the hype surrounding them. 

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