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Overcoming Choice Overload

Since it’s invention, the internet has changed the way we shop, stay entertained, and communicate. eCommerce sites have rendered the Sears catalog obsolete, watching movies is no longer limited to going to the theater, and the structure of a 9–5 is shifting as more employers allow their employees to work from home. The internet has provided a myriad of conveniences and options for shopping, entertainment, and employment. However, unlimited options being readily available has resulted in problems that hurt both businesses and their customers. A single website that sells one specific product such as perfume can have hundreds of options, and there are so many websites for perfume. Contradictory to common sense, a larger number of choices is better for the consumer because they are more likely to find what they want. However, when faced with too many choices, this decision can become complex. Consumers face thousands of choices at their fingertips which is often overwhelming.

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