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Why Is Content Moderation Important for an Online Business?

With increasing competition, online businesses are finding it hard to thrive. They need more creative marketing techniques to attract consumers. User-generated content is one such technique that is becoming the most powerful marketing tool used by online businesses today.  

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How Does Content Moderation Using AI work?

With the advent of the internet, it has never been easier than it is now to publish content. Anyone with a smart device and a web-connection can publish on a multitude of platforms catered for that specific purpose. In recent years, a global debate has emerged around the risks faced by internet users, with a specific focus on protecting users from harmful content. A key element of this debate has centered on the role of content moderation to protect users from potentially harmful material. 

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10 E-commerce Personalization Examples for Optimal Conversions

The shift in consumer preferences and technological advancements is transforming the way people shop online. E-commerce businesses are using artificial intelligence to win over customer trust and loyalty through effective personalization. When there are plenty of products on offer, it’s highly important to showcase the right product to the right consumer.

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