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10 Benefits of Machine Learning in E-Commerce

No matter what types of products you sell, staying competitive in e-commerce requires constant attention across multiple departments. Sales teams need to know product details, marketing teams must be mindful of popular search terms, product teams must stay on top of trends, and IT teams are responsible for making sure the site is always functional and fast. All of this will always require a certain degree of time and skill, but some tasks, especially the most repetitive ones, can be better handled with machine learning. 

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Automated Image Tagging In E-commerce Using Machine Learning

Image recognition, machine learning and visual search have changed the way we interact with the world. This latest development in machine learning has transformed the e-commerce industry. Automated tagging of images play a crucial role in visual search. In an age of instant gratification, consumers follow the snap, find, and shop technique. The user clicks a product picture, finds a similar item on an app, and purchases it. Discovering products becomes much easier using tagged images rather than text-based keywords.

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NLP in E-commerce: Top 5 Emerging Trends

One of the biggest challenge faced by e-commerce companies is to bridge the gap between human thought process and autonomous technology. Natural Language Processing or NLP is a big step in this direction. It makes use of the enormous data generated every day, and organizes it properly to generate relevant search results.

Nowadays, NLP in e-commerce platforms is used for extracting attributes and improving product search. Hence consumers get to see relevant products matching their requirements when they shop online. Advanced NLP-based sorting systems enhance the online shopping experience by understanding the behavior of target customers.

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Machine Learning in Retail: Using Deep Learning to Drive Growth

Implementing machine learning in retail, specifically deep learning, is a game changer that powers growth and scalability for online retailers. Retail machine learning allows for frictionless customer experiences by collecting consumer behavior data and providing valuable insights retailers can use to show customers real-time, deep-learning-driven product recommendations relevant to their searches.  

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