Posts about machine learning platform Featured as a Leading No-Code AI Platform by CB Insights

Over the past two years, the team has been working diligently to empower companies with the power of AI. In light of the uncertainty posed by COVID-19 in the business environment, it has become ever critical to embrace AI to remain competitive. We at remain steadfast in our journey to make AI accessible to everyone in these uncertain times and continue to be recognized for our work in AI automation.

We are thrilled to announce that has been named one of the leading No-Code AI platforms by CB Insights! CB Insights report “Enterprise AI Trends to watch in 2021” provides comprehensive data and expert insights on companies that are pioneering No-Code AI tools to solve real-world problems. We are honored to be included in this prestigious list of the world’s leading AI companies.

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Why Is Content Moderation Important for an Online Business?

With increasing competition, online businesses are finding it hard to thrive. They need more creative marketing techniques to attract consumers. User-generated content is one such technique that is becoming the most powerful marketing tool used by online businesses today.  

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Future of Artificial Intelligence in Legal

There was an experiment conducted in 2017 in London, with 100 lawyers participating in the event. The experiment involved finding accuracy in credit card irregularities in applications sent to the Finance Ombudsman. Where lawyers predicted an accuracy of 66.3%, a trained AI program achieved the accuracy of 86.6%.

Imagine a lawyer doing research for a case. Where humans may take weeks or even months to complete a particular research, AI will complete the research and provide results in a matter of seconds. Here, Artificial Intelligence will be able to perform better than experienced lawyers. 

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Data Labeling Platform - Skyl

Skyl's data labeling platform allows you to quickly annotate and label data to suit your machine learning needs.

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Citizen Data Scientists vs Expert Data Scientists

In recent times,  there is widespread availability of steady data stream and efficient BI (business intelligence) tools to extract knowledge from raw unprocessed data. Businesses are slowly realizing that they don’t need highly specialized data scientists for tackling every single task. Companies believe that professionals with the right skill set can handle different data-related assignments. Hence a new job function called ‘citizen data scientist’ has come into the foray. The role of a citizen data scientist is expected to grow by 5 times compared to that of a traditional data scientist within the next 2 years.

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No-Code Machine Learning Options for Non-Programmers

Are you familiar with non-technical machine learning, also known as no-code machine learning? No-code machine learning is set to create a new wave in enterprise startups by reducing the amount of time and money spent on mundane coding tasks. One of the main aims of no-code development is to create an environment for accessible non-technical machine learning. Learn why no-code machine learning is trending and how you can use a SaaS platform like to become a machine learning professional who can build models in minutes without coding expertise.

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1. Skyl NLP now supports Bidirectional LSTM Algorithm

A must try out on your dataset where text classification is dependent on context. With this form of generative deep learning, the output layer can get information from past (backwards) and future (forward) states simultaneously which leads to increase in the amount of input information available to the network and over.

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How to Implement Inventory Management in Retail Using Computer Vision

The retail industry is turning to AI and Machine Learning to try and gain an edge over competitors. Inventory management system for retail stores is one of the domains where AI and Machine learning can play an important role in optimizing business processes. From planning for the next month’s shelf supply to customer service inquiries, inventory management is going to incorporate the concept of smart automation in their daily processes over the coming years.

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The San Francisco AI Summit took place on Sept 25th and Sept 26th, 2019. It is the world’s largest event focusing on AI for businesses, and boasts over 6,000 people and 200 speakers in attendance.

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Evaluating a Machine Learning Model

So, you have trained your machine learning model.  Maybe you've built a project that can detect pneumonia in a lung or filter through text.  From here, you have to ask yourself:

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