Future of Artificial Intelligence in Legal

There was an experiment conducted in 2017 in London, with 100 lawyers participating in the event. The experiment involved finding accuracy in credit card irregularities in applications sent to the Finance Ombudsman. Where lawyers predicted an accuracy of 66.3%, a trained AI program achieved the accuracy of 86.6%.

Imagine a lawyer doing research for a case. Where humans may take weeks or even months to complete a particular research, AI will complete the research and provide results in a matter of seconds. Here, Artificial Intelligence will be able to perform better than experienced lawyers. 

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Data Labeling Platform - Skyl

Skyl's data labeling platform allows you to quickly annotate and label data to suit your machine learning needs.

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Skyl.ai Showcased at the 4th Annual AI Summit 2019 San Fransisco

The San Francisco AI Summit took place on Sept 25th and Sept 26th, 2019. It is the world’s largest event focusing on AI for businesses, and boasts over 6,000 people and 200 speakers in attendance.

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How ML Technology can Create Age Appropriate Messaging Applications

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Parental Concerns

Most parents feel some fear when allowing their young children to navigate the internet unaccompanied. Many games, such as Minecraft, have a chat feature. Most people on the other side of the screen are children of a similar age, however, there is no way to ensure this. In these chatrooms, kids could be chatting with an adult. Unfortunately for children and parents, adults are known to have slightly more colorful vocabularies than children.

Most of these applications and games are entirely unmonitored, and parents expose their children to any type of person when they allow them to communicate online. The type of content that children are exposed to when dealing with strangers could be explicit. And even though some games, such as club penguin, have automatic filters, more popular games do not.

One of the biggest fears for parents is unsafe language in chatrooms, especially for young children. This may be a barrier to engagement for businesses catered toward young people. However, using machine learning, a business can train a system to filter out particular words and their suffixes.

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Using AI to Build a Google News Classification Project

Increasingly, digesting and reading news has become a standard in our day-to-day lives. Gone are the days when you get a single update in the evening after work while watching television before bed. People are now bombarded with a constant stream of news updates throughout the day, whether they want to be or not. Headlines are splattered over every form of social media, breaking news is sent to us in alerts, and if we ever need to seek out what is happening, it is a search away. However, it is possible to create your own “Google News” app using machine learning. By teaching an algorithm to automatically sort through headlines from the thousands of possible news sites there are, a business can filter through exactly which content it wants. There are multiple reasons a business would want to do this. Maybe, a veterinary clinic wants to automatically keep updating their website with feel-good stories about pets and babies and wild animals. On the flip-side of the coin, large corporations may want to save time by having an automated system that sends their employees the latest news real-time about finance, politics, or any other topic that the company may find relevant.

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Machine Learning Implementation Software for Solving Business Problems

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are every forward-thinking entrepreneur’s favorite buzzwords. However, it seems that the world’s largest tech companies are the only ones effectively implementing AI and ML (at least to a financially beneficial scale). The exclusivity of machine learning projects contradicts the hype surrounding them. 

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