The Skyl team gathered with data scientists and CEO’s this week to chat about the future of AI in the digital media and marketing landscapes. We learned more about the potential use cases for machine learning in these industries, as well as issues that teams run into while creating data science projects.

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Some of the issues that these marketing and media leaders talked about were:

  • The inability for data science teams to properly communicate how timely and costly certain projects are to their managers
  • It is difficult to gather data properly
  • Buying labeled data, creating a project, and finding out that the data is not serviceable
  • Properly integrating unstructured machine learning projects without a high initial investment

We guided them through, and let them lead a discussion on how our platform could change the way that their business is conducted.

These use cases for included:

  • Sentiment analysis for public tweets
  • Image processing to personalize the targeted marketing advertisements
  • Natural language processing to learn new slang and find sentiments faster than their employees is a platform created for making the end-to-end machine learning workflow accessible for any person from business students to data scientists. Visit to learn more about our platform and projects!