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Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning (AI vs ML)? And What’s the Difference?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two terms that are coming to the forefront. More organizations are adopting these new technologies, which are now all around us but not always immediately visible. Businesses with e-commerce sites are taking advantage of the ability to increase sales by recommending products based on product images viewed. The healthcare industry is treating patients faster because machines can recognize patterns in high-resolution medical imagery. Manufacturers are improving quality control and catching small errors before they become major issues. 

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Why Is Content Moderation Important for an Online Business?

With increasing competition, online businesses are finding it hard to thrive. They need more creative marketing techniques to attract consumers. User-generated content is one such technique that is becoming the most powerful marketing tool used by online businesses today.  

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When Do You Need AI Consulting?

There’s a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) and the many benefits it offers to the organizations that use it. Most recently, AI has been leveraged in the healthcare industry in response to the global pandemic for mapping, to accelerate diagnoses, and to predict health outcomes. Although the technology is not brand-new (it has been around since the 1950s), the concept of AI still feels inaccessible to many.

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Future of Artificial Intelligence in Legal

There was an experiment conducted in 2017 in London, with 100 lawyers participating in the event. The experiment involved finding accuracy in credit card irregularities in applications sent to the Finance Ombudsman. Where lawyers predicted an accuracy of 66.3%, a trained AI program achieved the accuracy of 86.6%.

Imagine a lawyer doing research for a case. Where humans may take weeks or even months to complete a particular research, AI will complete the research and provide results in a matter of seconds. Here, Artificial Intelligence will be able to perform better than experienced lawyers. 

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How to Implement Inventory Management in Retail Using Computer Vision

The retail industry is turning to AI and Machine Learning to try and gain an edge over competitors. Inventory management system for retail stores is one of the domains where AI and Machine learning can play an important role in optimizing business processes. From planning for the next month’s shelf supply to customer service inquiries, inventory management is going to incorporate the concept of smart automation in their daily processes over the coming years.

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The San Francisco AI Summit took place on Sept 25th and Sept 26th, 2019. It is the world’s largest event focusing on AI for businesses, and boasts over 6,000 people and 200 speakers in attendance.

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5 Things to Consider when Building Machine Learning Projects

The landscape of artificial intelligence and machine learning has been rapidly evolving over the past few years. Computers teaching themselves to recognize patterns and predict the future feels like a detail in almost every Ray Bradbury novel explicitly stated or not. It feels mystical, inaccessible, and far-fetched. However, machine learning technology is already part of our day-to-day lives. Though the technical aspects of machine learning technology may be impossible to grasp, the most crucial steps that managers must take to successfully introduce machine learning technology is far less technical and easy to understand. Most people know that the key to any successful project is to first define a problem statement. However, a more ML-specific rule is that all projects require a long process for preprocessing data. This is a less technical process than writing code but will impact the outcome and success of your ML project dramatically. Here are a few things to keep in mind to deliver impactful results before, during, and after creating machine learning projects:

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Overcoming Choice Overload

Since it’s invention, the internet has changed the way we shop, stay entertained, and communicate. eCommerce sites have rendered the Sears catalog obsolete, watching movies is no longer limited to going to the theater, and the structure of a 9–5 is shifting as more employers allow their employees to work from home. The internet has provided a myriad of conveniences and options for shopping, entertainment, and employment. However, unlimited options being readily available has resulted in problems that hurt both businesses and their customers. A single website that sells one specific product such as perfume can have hundreds of options, and there are so many websites for perfume. Contradictory to common sense, a larger number of choices is better for the consumer because they are more likely to find what they want. However, when faced with too many choices, this decision can become complex. Consumers face thousands of choices at their fingertips which is often overwhelming.

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