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Top 5 Sentiment Analysis Example

The term sentiment analysis is quite popular. But most people do not really notice how important it is for a company’s success. Sentiment analysis provides an insight into all the problems that your company may be facing. It is like being able to listen to all the conversations that your customers are having about your product. It helps you understand how your brand is being perceived and work towards improving its image based on those insights.

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Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a popular technology for research and data collection, and sentiment analysis is one of the most common sub-fields of NLP. Sentiment Analysis is the process of analyzing online pieces of writing to predict their emotional tone, i.e. whether a piece of information is positive, negative, or neutral. Tweets on specific topics can be analyzed this way to understand their sentiments.

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How to Build a Twitter Sentiment Analysis Tool using

Hundreds of millions of people willingly spew their opinions in under 280 characters per post and 6,000 times per second. Sentiment analysis on social media platforms such as Twitter is a very effective way for analysts to gauge consumer reactions to products and services. The use of machine learning is necessary to properly gather consumer reactions. Individuals sifting through tweets ranging from “Where the Buffalo Wild Things Are” to firey, researched political statements can easily get in the noise and twitter void, especially if a business just wants to gauge the attitude towards a particular product or service.

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