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Why Is Content Moderation Important for an Online Business?

content moderation for an online business

With increasing competition, online businesses are finding it hard to thrive. They need more creative marketing techniques to attract consumers. User-generated content is one such technique that is becoming the most powerful marketing tool used by online businesses today.  

User-generated content is the content created by website users, consumers, and community members. They include reviews, recommendations, blog comments, forum discussions, photos, videos, and social media posts. Such content is playing a big role in the world of digital marketing. 

But publishing them comes with the risk of showcasing information that can negatively impact the business.  You never know how consumers are going to react to a product or service and portray your brand. This is where the content moderation system comes into place.

What is content moderation?

Content moderation is the technique of analyzing user-generated content. Businesses need to protect their website from harmful content, so through predefined criteria, it is decided whether certain submissions are going to be used or not. Any content that is submitted to a website goes through a screening process, which is called the moderation process. It is a kind of check on whether the content meets the company guidelines and can be used for the website.

User-generated content has a major influence on consumer purchasing habits. It increases consumer engagement and improves the chance of information being shared widely. Customers are able to trust such content more since it is being created by other consumers and not by the brand. 

Content moderation is usually done either by hiring content moderators, who manually check every content. Or with the aid of machine learning techniques. 

Why is content moderation important for businesses

The importance of content moderation as a service is increasing by the day. It plays an important role in digital marketing since it improves brand reputation and customer engagement. Content moderation enables businesses to publish user-generated content while protecting their website. It also helps protect visitors from viewing content that may be upsetting or offensive. 

Apart from its many other advantages, content moderation gives an insight into what your consumers are thinking and helps with future marketing strategies. Here are a few more benefits that content moderation brings to your online business.

Benefits of content moderation for an online business

  • It protects the website and its users 

User-generated content can be in the form of photos on social media or comments on blogs and forums. But they sometimes violate the website guidelines. Content moderation reduces this risk.  It keeps a check on offensive content posted by internet trolls, creating a more positive environment for users to interact. 

Content moderation helps in understanding users through pattern recognition. By tracking user-generated content it is possible to understand the opinions of users about a brand. An example of this is how Listerine learned about an important reason why their customers used the product. By studying online comments, they realized the second most important reason for the usage of Listerine was to kill toenail fungus.

  • It helps increase website traffic

User-generated content such as product reviews and social media comments increase web traffic and conversion rates for the company. It creates additional content for the website and increases the chances of user engagement with the brand. 

By tracking user behavior, it understands customer opinions about the brand and gains insight for future decisions. Content moderation is instrumental in creating future strategies for companies. 

An example of content moderation increasing website traffic can be when a user posts a product review on a website. By removing negative comments, a well managed content moderation system will be able to create a more interactive experience for the users. A more positive experience will leads to more engagement, as users will constantly leave good feedback. As more and more people engage with the content, search engine will view the website as more relevant. Therefore, good content moderation of user-generated content can result in higher traffic for the website. 

  • It results in improved buying behavior

A powerful marketing tool for online businesses nowadays is a marketing technique called electronic word-of-mouth or eWOM. Traditional digital marketing techniques like pop-ups, auto-play videos, banners, etc. no longer work as consumers feel annoyed by them. Most people use ad blockers to find a way around them. 

The eWOM technique involves content being created and spread by internet users. Consumers are usually looking for this kind of content as most people find online reviews and ratings as the best method of judging a product before making the purchase. 

Positive eWOM through content moderation can have a great impact on the brand, as consumers trust the opinions of other buyers. It influences purchasing behavior as high-rated products will have more chances of being purchased. In a similar way, negative eWOM can have a negative influence on the purchasing behavior of customers.

Content moderation is therefore important to help your online business optimize negative eWOM and minimize the harm that it does for a brand. 

Content moderation through machine learning

Moderating content is a major requirement for social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They have to constantly check their content for ‘fake news’ or other inappropriate content. They hire a large number of employees to keep a check on their platform’s news feed. Similarly, Google invests a large amount of capital on its content monitoring teams.

Machine learning can play an important role here, providing a quicker and more cost-saving solution. Machine learning tools can address the task of moderating content, leaving employees to handle more productive work.

How can help provides content moderation solutions using machine learning. Using Natural Language Processing, machine learning tools detect inappropriate content within customer reviews, social media postings, customer service chat logs, etc. Content moderation can be done across multiple channels, taking lesser time than a human moderator. 

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